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Example Do-Not-Call List result as it appears in each alert:

dnc_success.png encourages realtors to check Do-Not-Call Lists and comply with phone marketing rules and regulations. Our Do-Not-Call List integration is available with ALL PLANS at 4¢/number including:
  • National Do-Not-Call List
  • State Do-Not-Call Lists
  • Direct Marketing Association Do-Not-Call List
  • Litigator Do-Not-Call List
Each 4¢ number lookup includes ALL LISTS above (as available). 
You may enable/disable Do-Not-Call-List lookups and set a maximum number of lookups per alert in your USER_SETTINGS (in your Google Sheet).
Do-Not-Call List results (if enabled in USER_SETTINGS) are included in user alert emails and automatically appended to the DO_NOT_CALL_LOOKUPS sheet (in your Google Sheet)
While you can set the maximum number lower in your USER_SETTINGS, the system is hard limited to a maximum of 5 numbers/alert (20¢/alert) to ensure no unexpected charges. 

OPTIONAL: Include Do-Not-Call List Lookups in Alerts

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