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Make your big data dreams a reality with tenfourWest

Take Your World Of Data To The Next Level


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We use the cutting-edge in software and computing resources, running data analysis often in parallel on up to hundreds of computers at once.


We treat your data like a bank vault. From encrypted cloud databases to dedicated secured server instances, you know your data is in good and secure hands.


From just a few datapoints to hundreds of billions, tenfourWest can handle, analyze, and securely store data on any scale.


Meet tenfourWest



The name tenfourWest refers to 104° West longitude, the longitude of our home state of Colorado, USA.


tenfourWest was founded to provide big data, supercomputing, and geospatial data services to clients worldwide.


We are obsessed with tech. On a daily basis we run hundreds of cloud computers, in addition to an in-house supercomputing cluster.

Meet tenfourWest
Neal Barsch
Founder & Big Data Nerd

Neal holds a Master of Science from the University of Oxford (UK) in Economics for Development (2017) where he was awarded the top thesis prize of his class for his work analyzing the impacts of cell signal on a micro-scale across two continents using Oxford’s ARC Supercomputer and billions of crowd-sourced cell signal datapoints. Neal is a former Fulbright Scholar (2015, Philippines) and Grameen Foundation Research Fellow (2016, Philippines). Neal’s research in the Philippines covered over two thousand interviews with Filipino store owners to quantitatively research the best practices of implementing a mobile financial services network through small local stores and remote-island mobile cell phone networks. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colgate University (NY) where he majored in Economics and minored in Music.

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Our team of data nerds are experts in the latest cutting-edge technology and data analysis. Hover over a photo to find out more...

Ben Breyfogle
Data Analyst

Benjamin joined tenfourWest in 2018 as a Data Analyst. Ben has experience in big data manipulation and analysis, automation, web scraping/data mining, and geospatial analysis. Ben is fluent in a variety of programming languages, and focuses on geospatial data analysis and algorithm design, mapping, heatmapping, and big data analysis. Ben expects to graduate with his second Bachelor of Science degree, in Applied Computer Science, from the University of Colorado (Boulder) in 2019. Ben has graduated with his first Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado (Boulder) in 2015.

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Matthew Anderson
Data Engineer

Matthew joined tenfourWest in 2018. He has experience using Python and R to webscrape, manipulate and organize tabular data, and conduct advanced analysis using regression and other processing techniques. Matthew also has experience in web design and is responsible for maintaining Matthew has a passion for Machine Learning and new AI technology, and has been conducting research on proprietary landing gear surface controls to mitigate noise pollution induced by aircraft.

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Tel: 720-434-9473

39.61°N , -104.90°W

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